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Lufthansa to operate daily on Munich - Zagreb route!

Since October 24th, Lufthansa has been connecting Munich and Zagreb on a daily basis. The route has not operated daily since the outbreak of the pandemic, even in the summer months.

With the end of the summer flight schedule, Lufthansa has suspended traffic to Adriatic airports (Pula, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik) and will have only one route to Croatia in this year's winter flight schedule, between Munich and Zagreb.

After the outbreak of the global pandemic, Lufthansa reintroduced the Munich - Zagreb route, but it did not operate daily (3 to 5 times a week, even in July and August). As of October 24th, Lufthansa offers daily flights on this route in its reservation system, which enables passengers from Zagreb to make numerous connections via Munich to destinations in Europe and the world.

Two daily flights scheduled on November 1st, 3rd and 8th

Lufthansa will use smaller capacity aircraft on this route, CRJ900, which can carry up to 90 passengers. We would like to remind you that after the outbreak of the pandemic, the company completely canceled the Frankfurt - Zagreb route and has not operated on it since last winter schedule. The first flight has been scheduled for the spring 2021.

11:20 Munich - 12:25 Zagreb 13:05 - 14:10 Munich

With one transfer at Munich Airport, it is possible to continue the journey to a number of destinations in Europe, while destinations such as New York, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, San Francisco, Bangkok and Seoul are available from Lufthansa long-haul network.

Destination map with Lufthansa from Munich, photo:

The German national airline will operate on this route in the early afternoon in November, it remains to be seen whether Lufthansa, according to booking, will cancel certain departures. Since the beginning of the global pandemic, this company has been operating towards Croatian destinations in accordance with the announced flight schedule, without ad-hoc cancellations.

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