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LOT will resume flights on the Warsaw - Zagreb route

After the announcement of the flight resumption to many destinations on croatian coast, Polish national airline confirmed that will resume flights on the Warsaw - Zagreb route.

LOT was flying almost double daily on this route, while during the winter months Warsaw and Zagreb were connected with one daily flight, 7 days in week. All flights were canceled at the moment of outbreak of pandemic. The airline is now slowly resuming flights in its network.

LOT will introduce 13 new routes to Croatia!

The flights to Zadar, Rijeka, Split and Dubrovnik will resume first, from the beginning of July, but the airline now announced flight resumption between two capitals.

From July 16th LOT will resume the Warsaw - Zagreb route with 4 weekly flights, each Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. E175 aircraft with the capacity of 82 passengers is scheduled on this route. From August 1st flights between two cities should run every day.

Besides P2P passengers, LOT has a really good network across Europe and the world, so many croatian passengers are actually using this airline.

LOT's coming back to Zagreb is just one step forward to the normalization of air traffic in Zagreb Airport.

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