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LOT Polish Airlines and Air Serbia will not come back at Rijeka Airport

Two airlines currently are not planning to operate regular flights to and from Rijeka Airport in upcoming summer schedule.

The Serbian national airline announced a few days ago in a statement that it will not continue operating on four international routes in the summer flight schedule 2021, including the route between Belgrade and Rijeka.

The Belgrade - Rijeka route was introduced in June 2019 and operated twice a week with ATR75 aircraft. The route continued to operate in winter flight schedule 2019/2020. but traffic was suspended before the outbreak of the global pandemic due to weak demand.

During the summer of 2020, Air Serbia did not resume traffic on several routes to Croatia (towards Pula, Rijeka and Zadar), but company now confirmed that it will permanently cancel the route between Belgrade and Rijeka.

LOT Polish Airlines will also not come back at Rijeka Airport

The Polish national airline, LOT Polish Airlines, introduced a route between Warsaw and Rijeka in July 2020. Originally, before the outbreak of the global pandemic, company planned to operate on this route from the very beginning to the end of the summer flight schedule last year, but for objective reasons this was not possible.

LOT aircraft landed on Krk island from the beginning of July to the middle of September 2020, and company currently does not plan to resume traffic on this route in summer flight schedule this year.

Although the introduction of this route in the summer flight schedule in 2020 was a brave move by the company, it is not clear why LOT decided not to continue operating towards Rijeka in the summer of 2021. Namely, whatever the result that the company achieved on this route last summer, the same cannot be relevant given that at the time of the global pandemic, the occupancy of aircraft on almost all routes was extremely low.

The loss is not huge considering that LOT operated to Rijeka shortly and only once a week, but even such a minimum frequency enabled direct air connection between Kvarner region and the Polish capital.

It should be noted that the German leisure airline, Condor, also confirmed that it does not currently plan to reintroduce the Frankfurt - Rijeka route in the summer of 2021, but leave the possibility of changes until mid-March when it will finalize its schedule for this year's summer flight schedule.

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