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Last weekend in September this year at Dubrovnik Airport

Summer flight schedule is coming to its end. Like other Croatian airports, Dubrovnik Airport did say goodbye to many different flights and airline carries in this summer season interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo: Zračna luka Dubrovnik

As we already informed, yesterday, September 27th, Iberia made its last flight to Dubrovnik. This was also the only route of this famous Spanish airline to Croatia in this year's summer flight schedule.

Furthermore, Croatia Airlines operated its last regular flights to from Dubrovnik to Athens, Paris, Munich and Zürich on 27th of September.

In addition, Dubrovnik Airport will still be connected with Germany, because Croatia Airlines and Lufthansa will keep on flying to Frankfurt and Lufthansa will operate to Munich in October 2020.

Although there were many obstacles in their way, Dubrovnik Airport stayed connected with more than 20 international airports and also managed to have more than 40 flight operations on the last weekend in September 2020. Croatia Airlines had the biggest number of flights Dubrovnik among all other carriers.

Destination map from Dubrovnik Airport last weekend in September 2020, photo:

Reduction in number of flights and carriers operating to Dubrovnik will keep on in October same as in September. But, luckily, Dubrovnik will stay connected with many different international airports until the end of next month.

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