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KLM second daily flight to Zagreb will enable a larger selection of connections

As we announced a few days ago, KLM will introduce the second daily flight on Amsterdam - Zagreb - Amsterdam route from February next year. We researched the flight schedule, capacity and connectivity options to other destinations in Europe and the world.

In mid-February, more precisely, from Monday, February 1th4, 2021, KLM will introduce its second daily flight between Amsterdam and Zagreb.

Aircraft of one of the world's most famous airlines will be landing at Zagreb Airport twice a day from the mentioned date. The company will have an evening departure from Amsterdam (departure at 20:55, arrival in Zagreb at 22:55). 4 KLM crew members will spend the night in Zagreb from February and perform the morning flight from the capital of Croatia (departure from Zagreb at 06:30, arrival in Amsterdam at 08:40).

The second daily flight will depart from Amsterdam at 09:40, arrival in Zagreb is planned at 11:30. After 50 minutes in Zagreb, the plane will take off for the capital of the Netherlands, with the expected arrival in Amsterdam at 14:30. This summer, the company gradually increased the number of flights to Zagreb and currently operates daily, with E190 aircraft with a capacity of 100 passengers. Since September, larger aircraft (B737-700 and B737-800) have been frequently operating on this route as well.

KLM will offer increase the capacity for almost 80% per day to and from Zagreb Airport

With the introduction of the second daily flight on Amsterdam - Zagreb - Amsterdam route, smaller aircraft (E175) with a maximum capacity of 88 passengers will be used, but KLM will increase the number of seats to and from Zagreb from the existing 200 to 352.

The mentioned two daily flights are currently on sale until Saturday, March 27th, 2021. Namely, the company opened sales on the second daily flight only in the winter flight schedule ending on that date, but KLM confirmed that it plans to operate between Zagreb and Amsterdam twice a day during the summer flight schedule next year, so it is expected that booking will be possible soon on those flights until October 2021.

Add to this the daily flights of Croatia Airlines, which normally operates on this route with A319 aircraft (currently due to the impact of pandemic with smaller DashQ400, but there is an ad-hoc change to a larger aircraft type too), the number of offered seats from February will be significantly increased compared to this year.

The main advantage of the second daily flight will be the greater possibility of connections via Amsterdam to numerous destinations in Europe and the world.

Given that a large number of Croatian citizens living and working in Ireland and the United Kingdom use the existing daily KLM flights to reach Zagreb, the introduction of the second will increase the choice of connections, as well as reduce waiting times in Amsterdam. For example, from London City Airport to Zagreb with KLM will be possible to travel in just 4 hours (not including earlier time at the airport), and there are also very good connections from Dublin via Amsterdam to Zagreb, also twice per day.

From Zagreb via Amsterdam to Dublin in just 3 hours and 50 minutes!

The time spent waiting in Amsterdam for many destinations does not exceed two hours (often just 45 minutes), such as to and from Manchester, Dublin, Stockholm, Oslo and many other destinations. KLM will also offer very good connections to the USA; primarily to New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, both on their own and on Delta Air Lines flights.

Apart from those traveling directly between Amsterdam and Zagreb, transfer passengers will have a wider choice of destinations with significantly better connections, if we add to that the fact KLM very often has favorable ticket prices and has very good service on its flights, we have no doubt that flights towards and from Zagreb will have great load factor. well In fact, KLM even at this time of year, during global pandemic, has a solid cabin occupancy on the route to and from Zagreb.

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