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KLM to launch Split service and add more flights to Zagreb

The Dutch national airline will increase the number of weekly flights between Amsterdam and Zagreb at the beginning of April and launch its seasonal route to Split Airport.

KLM introduced its second daily flight to Zagreb in mid-February, but although the plan was to operate twice a day on this route (2 flights, daily), this did not happen due to low demand.

The company started with less double rotations, but now it will increase the number of weekly flights to Zagreb Airport. From April 5th, the route will operate 13 times a week, and from April 12th, two flights a day should be available all seven days during the week.

Before Easter, KLM will renew its seasonal route to Split. The first flight has been announced for Friday, April 1st. The company will have two flights until April 10th (Monday, May 5th and Saturday, April 10th), and then in the period from April 17th to 25th it will operate twice a week, on Saturdays and Sundays.

From April 26th, KLM plans daily operations to Split, but the schedule after that date should certainly be taken with caution, given that the published flight schedule will probably be reduced, of course, depending on the booking status of each flight.

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