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KLM to introduce the Amsterdam - Split route during Christmas holidays

The Dutch national airline will establish the Amsterdam - Split route in December this and January next year.

The oldest airline in the world, the Dutch KLM, will operate on Amsterdam - Split route during Christmas and New Year holidays.

Until now, KLM has not operated to Split in winter, but the introduction of this route is completely logical, especially now at a time of global pandemic when the number of international routes is significantly reduced and passengers do not have a large selection of connections.

The Amsterdam - Split route was launched by KLM on July 4th, operating on it 7 times a week, and since the beginning of August there have been 13 flights a week on the route. In September and October, operations were reduced to 3 flights per week, and by the end of October the route was suspended for this summer season.

In December this year and January next year, KLM will perform 14 operations between Amsterdam and Split

KLM will briefly restart this route in December this year and January next year. Four flights have been announced for the end of December, and 3 for the very beginning of January.

Amsterdam and Split will be connected by direct flights on Saturday, 19.12., Sunday, 20.12., Wednesday, 23.12., Sunday, 27.12., Saturday, 02.01., Sunday, 03.01. and Thursday, 07.01. E190 aircraft with a capacity of 100 seats in the fleet of this carrier have been scheduled for all flights. The planes will land from Amsterdam to Split around noon.

This is the second airline that will briefly return to Split during the holidays, two days ago we published the news about Edelweiss, which will operate on the Zurich - Split route at the same period.

Edelweiss to connect Zurich and Split during Christmas holidays

KLM will withdraw from Split after January 7th, 2021, and will re-establish this route from Amsterdam on May 1st. Tickets are on sale on the airline's official website.

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