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Jung Sky Cessna overruns runway at Antwerp Airport

On 30 January, a Jung Sky Cessna 525A CitationJet CJ2 (registered 9A-JSC), operated a private jet flight between Naples, Italy and Antwerp, Belgium. During landing at Antwerp, however, the aircraft overran the runway.

Photo: Menno Swart/Twitter

On images that appeared on social media, the aircraft ended up behind runway 11. It was still at a speed of 41 knots at the end of the runway, after apparently touching down late. An investigation by Belgian aviation authorities will be launched.

Photo: Menno Swart/Twitter

A flight due to land later in the evening was diverted to Maastricht Aachen Airport. Jung Sky is a Croatian private jet and charter company founded in 2009., it has 2 Cessna 525A CJ2 aircraft in the fleet, based at Zagreb Airport.

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