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June statistics, traffic in Europe and Croatia

On the beginning of every month we are publishing the number of passengers from previous month from airports in Croatia, here are exact numbers for three biggest airports, Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb.

On Wednesday, July 1st, there were 12 742 passenger flights in Europe, which is increase for 4515 in comparison with Wednesday, June 17th. The number of flights is increased in many airlines, for example, Ryanair had 800 more flights on the July 1st than on June 17th. Many airlines increased their operations from the first day of July, for example, EasyJet has 215% more flights than 2 weeks earlier, Wizz Air 116% more, Vueling 607% more, Air France 86% more, British Airways 66% more.

On July 1st there were 35% of flights of whole flights which were running on the same date a year before. It is expected that the traffic will be on 40% from the previous season by the end of this month. The most busy area was Europe, with 10 869 flights just on July 1st, which is increase for 63% in comparison with two week before. However, the traffic in the Europe is still 61% lower than last year.

Domestic routes are still the dominant ones, but the international flights are increasing as well, mostly between leisure destinations (Germany - Spain, Germany - Croatia, Germany - Greece, Great Britain - Spain).

The busiest airport in the Europe on June 30th was Paris CDG with 530 landings and takeoffs. Airports in leisure destinations also registering growth (mostly in Spain: Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza, Barcelona, Malaga).

European airports are registering the increase of passengers, on June 21st there were 682 000 passengers in the whole region (92% less than on the same date last year), but on April 11th there were just 64 000 passengers, the recovery is obvious.

Airports in Croatia registered 85 operations on July 1st, which is increase of 75% in comparison with June 17th.

Dubrovnik Airport had 10 592 passengers in whole June. In June 2019., there were 415 876 passengers!

Split Airport had 26 159 passengers in the previous month. In June 2019. 513 706 passengers used this airport! The number of passengers increased in comparison with previous month, just 2777 passengers used Split Airport in May 2020.

Zagreb Airport had 336 618 passengers in June 2019. This year airport registered 44 402 passengers. For comparison, in May this year Zagreb Airport had 13 881 passengers.

Other airports in Croatia (Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, Brac i Osijek) will also have some statistic for June this year since the operations resumed in this airports as well.

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