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July statistics for Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb Airport

The three busiest airports in Croatia published its statistics for July. In period from January until July this year, Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb Airport welcomed just a bit over a million passengers.

photo: Zagreb Airport/FB

Zagreb Airport welcomed 78.070 passengers this July, which is 33.668 passengers more than in June! But, in comparison with July previous year, the numbers are not good - in July 2019. Zagreb Airport handled 366.242 passengers. In July this year Zagreb Airport had 2.037 flights, while in July 2019. there were 4.356 flights.

Split Airport recorded really good numbers in July, especially in this situation. In July this year airport had 171.815 passengers, the most in the country! This is big increase in comparison with June, when Split handled just 26.150 passengers. However, in July 2019. Split Airport had 723.048 passengers, approximately a half of million more than this July.

Dubrovnik Airport had quite low number of passengers in July, especially since there were many international flights operating to this airport. In July this year Dubrovnik handled 59.133 passengers, which is 48.541 more than in June, but 455.590 passengers less than the same month last year!

In period from January until end of July this year the three busiest airports in Croatia have:

  • Dubrovnik Airport: 146.159 passengers,

  • Split Airport: 280.189 passengers,

  • Zagreb Airport: 625.805 passenger.

In total, during the first 7 months of 2019. mentioned airports registered 5.299.919 passengers, this year in the same period just a bit over one million!

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