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Jet2 to suspend Croatia flights

Britain's leisure airline Jet2 will suspend all flights from United Kingdom to Croatia, due to the restrictive measures and mandatory self-isolation upon arrival to United Kingdom from Croatia.

In the first half of July, almost immediately after the lifting restrictive measures in Great Britain, Jet2 launched 12 international routes to Croatia, from numerous British airports to Pula, Split and Dubrovnik. The company returned to the Croatian market with significantly less number of weekly flights and destinations compared with last summer season, which was expected since the airline adjusted their capacity to current demand.

Jet2 wrote in a statement the reasons for the cancellation, and in addition to flights to Croatia, the company is also suspending operations to Spain.

"Because of the ongoing uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the current UK government advice, we have taken the decision to suspend flights and holidays to Croatia for the rest of Summer 2020. season, with our final outbound flights operating on September 6th."

This weekend, the company will operate the last flights to and from Croatia and stop operating 12 scheduled routes from the UK to Dubrovnik, Split and Pula Airport:

  • Birmingham - Dubrovnik,

  • London Stansted - Dubrovnik,

  • Manchester - Dubrovnik,

  • Newcastle - Dubrovnik,

  • Birmingham - Split,

  • East Midlands - Split,

  • Leeds - Split,

  • London Stansted - Split,

  • Manchester - Split,

  • Birmingham - Pula,

  • Leeds - Pula,

  • Manchester - Pula.

Britain's TUI also suspended all flights to Croatia in this summer season, so Jet2 was the only airline which offered those flights and complete holiday packages for tourists from the UK.

Jet2 is planning to come back to Croatia in April 2021., but those flights will depend on travel restrictions and global pandemic situation.

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