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Israir Airlines resumed Tel Aviv - Zagreb route

Israir, an Israeli airline based in Tel Aviv, has resumed traffic on the route between Zagreb and Tel Aviv. The route was not active this year so far due to the pandemic worldwide situation.

Regular flights between Tel Aviv and Zagreb started operating on August 19th this year and so far 8 rotations have been made in August, including flight today. The company offers departures on its official website throughout the whole September, 11 rotations are available on this route:

  • between September 1st and 6th, three flights (Tuesday, Friday, Sunday),

  • between September 7th and 13th, three flights (Monday, Thursday and Friday),

  • between September 14th and 20th, three flights (Monday, Tuesday and Sunday),

  • between September 21st and 27th, two flights (Friday and Saturday).

In last year's summer flight schedule, the company operated to Zagreb significantly more weekly flights. Croatia Airlines also operated regular flights between two cities with late evening departure from Zagreb Airport.

Israir Airlines is using its A320 aircraft which has a capacity of 180 passengers.

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