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Iberia to restore Zagreb, Zadar, and Split service

Last summer Iberia operated only on the route between Madrid and Dubrovnik, while this year company plans to re-establishment regular service from Madrid to Zagreb, Zadar and Split Airport.

During the summer of 2020, the Spanish national airline, instead of four, had only one destination in Croatia - Dubrovnik Airport. This summer season company intends to operate to all four airports in Croatia, the same as during the summer of 2019. These are regular routes from Madrid to Zagreb, Zadar and Split Airport. The route to Dubrovnik is already in operation.

Flights to Zagreb

Regular Madrid - Zagreb - Madrid route was scheduled from the beginning of summer season (end of march), but due to epidemiological situation airline was forced to cancel announced flights. Currently, this airline plans to restore service to Zagreb on Friday, June 04th.

From the mentioned date, Iberia plans to operate 3 flights per week between Zagreb and Madrid, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday with A320 aircraft.

Iberia plans to add more rotations on this route from July, by adding additional flights each Tuesday. July schedule is quite different in comparison with August, but airline will probably do some more modification for its timetable in high season on this route.

This is significantly less flights to Zagreb than during the summer 2019. season when Iberia operated two daily flights to/from Zagreb, but, taking into account current situation, it is positive that Iberia plans to come at Zagreb Airport this summer, which was not the case in 2020.

Flights to Split

Starting from June 1st, Iberia will restore the Madrid - Split - Madrid route. From mentioned date the airline will offer 3 weekly flights, on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

During the second week of June, there will be additional flight each Wednesday, and from June 21st 6 flights per week, without direct service only on Thursdays.

Flights to Zadar

Iberia plans to re-establish the Madrid - Zadar - Madrid route from June 29th. This route should be in operation until the end of the summer season twice a week, every Tuesday and Saturday, and A320 aircraft have also been scheduled on it.

Iberia destinations in Croatia during the S21 season
Flights to Dubrovnik

Regular flights between Madrid and Dubrovnik have been operating regularly since the beginning of summer flight schedule, company has recently increased the number of operations on this route so flights are now available on Fridays and Sundays throughout June.

From the beginning to middle of June, four flights a week have been scheduled (on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays), while from June 18th route will be available daily. In July, Iberia is planning an even larger number of operations towards Dubrovnik, but the realization will primarily depend on well-known factors.

Apart from Iberia, no other airline operates on a direct route between Croatian airports and Madrid. Along with travelers whose final destination is Madrid, Iberia has for many years been one of the first choices of travelers who continue their journey to South America (destinations such as Bogota, Lima, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, etc.).

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