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How much will Croatia Airlines charge you on international flights from June 15th?

Just a day after our announcement that Croatia Airlines will start flying to 7 international destination, we did quick research to see how much the ticket for return flight will cost on 11 international routes.

Referent week is the period from Monday, June 15th, until Friday, June 26th. In the first two weeks of reestablished service, many croatians who are living or working abroad would like to travel back home, as well as people who are currently in Croatia and want to travel back home. Due to high prices, they will be demotivated to use direct flights.All prices which we published here are online, visible to everyone on the Croatia Airlines official website, and are valid for direct flights only.

The Zagreb - Amsterdam route is introduced earlier in May, and this route is operating daily. In case if you are flying on Zagreb - Amsterdam - Zagreb route in the mentioned period, you will need to pay 285 EUR for a return ticket. In the opposite way, on Amsterdam - Zagreb - Amsterdam route return the cheapest return ticket currently costs the same.

The Zagreb - Copnehagen route is introduced again from June 1st. The cheapest return ticket on Zagreb - Copenhagen - Zagreb route cost 328 EUR, while return ticket on Copenhagen - Zagreb - Copenhagen route cost more, 430 EUR.

The Zagreb - Zurich route will be introduced soon again. Return ticket on Zagreb - Zurich - Zagreb route will cost you 284 EUR, but in the opposite way, on Zurich - Zagreb - Zurich route, the cheapest return ticket cost 381 EUR at the moment.

The Zagreb - Munich route will be introduced from June 15th. The cheapest return ticket on Zagreb - Munich - Zagreb route cost 306 EUR, while in the opposite way, Munich - Zagreb - Munich return ticket will cost a bit more, 336 EUR.

The Zagreb - Sarajevo route is the cheapest one. Return ticket in both ways costs 131 EUR.

The Zagreb - London route will be active again from Monday, June 15th. The cheapest return ticket on Zagreb - London - Zagreb route will cost 329 EUR, but on London - Zagreb - London route you will be charged at least 353 EUR.

The Zagreb - Dublin route will be active from June 16th. The cheapest ticket on Zagreb - Dublin - Zagreb route is 412 EUR, and on Dublin - Zagreb - Dublin route 457 EUR.

The Zagreb - Rome (via Split) route is also expensive. Zagreb - Rome - Zagreb return ticket costs 391 EUR! If you are traveling from Rome to Zagreb you will be charged the same amount.

The Zagreb - Brussels route will be active again soon. For return ticket on Zagreb - Brussels - Zagreb route, the company will 357 EUR, while in the opposite way, Brussels - Zagreb - Brussels, a ticket will cost 360 EUR.

The Zagreb - Vienna route will operate twice per week. For return ticket on Zagreb - Vienna - Zagreb route you will need to pay 317 EUR, while in the opposite way the price is cheaper, on Vienna - Zagreb - Vienna route the return ticket costs 280 EUR.

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