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Government secured rescue flights from Rome, Lisbon, Madrid and Stockholm

Croatian government in cooperation with Croatia Airlines secured rescue flights for Croats which are stuck in Italy, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

In coordination with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure, the Government of the Republic of Croatia secured rescue flights from Italy (Rome FCO), Portugal (Lisbon LIS), Spain (Madrid MAD) and Sweden (Stockholm ARN) to Zagreb. Flights to all destinations are scheduled for this Saturday, March 4th.

Flight to Lisbon will depart first from Zagreb (14:00) and it will be operated by Croatia Airlines aircraft A320, the route will be operated with stopover in Madrid; ZAG-LIS-MAD-ZAG. Second one will be flight to Stockholm (14:55) with A319 and third one to Rome (15:45) with Dash.

Flights are expected to be back to the Croatian capital later same day. Last one which will arrive is flight from Madrid.

Tickets are on sale in Obzor agency, price for a ticket from Rome is 1916 HRK, while tickets from Lisbon, Madrid and Stockholm are more expensive - 2683 HRK.

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