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From August, Rijeka will be again connected with Munich Airport

Rijeka Airport announced that Croatia Airlines will resume flights on the Munich - Rijeka route, starting from the next month.

Croatia Airlines closed sales on this route earlier this year and did not operate flights on this route from the outbreak of the pandemic. The airline now released sales on this route.

The Munich - Rijeka route will operate 2 times per week, every Thursday and Sunday, with the DashQ400 aircraft, from August 6th until September 27th this year.

This is great news for Rijeka Airport, but the number of weekly flights will be lower than before (before the pandemic there were 3 weekly flights - additionally every Tuesday as well. Due to the announcement that the route will operate until end of September, it looks like the service on this route will not be year-round anymore.

Aircraft will first fly on the Split - Munich leg, than serve the Munich - Rijeka - Munich route, and after that operate return flight to Split from Munich. Schedule time of arrival and departure remains the same like before, with morning departure from Munich to Rijeka, and departure from Rijeka back to Munich around noon.

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