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From August, 13 weekly flights between Split and Munich!

Split Airport will be connected with Munich from August 1st 13 times per week, more flights available than during the July this year!

At the beginning of August, Split Airport will have 13 weekly direct flights to Munich International Airport in Germany, Lufthansa and Croatia Airlines will continue to operate regular flights on this route.

Direct flights from Split are available from August 1st daily, every day in the week, mostly in the morning hours, which is great for passengers departing from Split since there is large number of connection flights available from Munich Airport. Croatia Airlines aircraft will depart from Split at 7:55 AM and land to Munich at 9:30 AM. The airline will continue to use DashQ400 aircraft which has the capacity of 76 passengers in the cabin.

Also, the airline offers second daily flight every Saturday, with evening departure from Split (5 PM) and arrival at Munich Airport at 6:30 PM.

Besides Croatia Airlines, german national airline Lufthansa will continue to operate direct flights on this route as well, 5 times per week (every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Complete Lufthansa schedule for Croatia (August 2020.) can be found HERE.

In total, there will be two daily flights every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, one daily flight every Monday and Wednesday, and three daily flights every Saturday during the August!

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