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FlyDubai is also leaving Zagreb Airport!?

After Emirates, the Dubai - Zagreb route was canceled by their partner company - FlyDubai.

Just a few hours after we published the news that Emirates had canceled all flights to Zagreb for 2021, FlyDubai did the same.

Namely, Emirates, as we wrote earlier, canceled the Dubai - Zagreb route for this year, but the possibility of FlyDubai returning on the same route with the beginning of the winter flight schedule was left. Airline tickets on this route could be bought literally until yesterday, we were skeptical about the realization of these flights, which has now proved to be justified.

Emirates flew to Zagreb in the summer, and FlyDubai in the winter. Such a schedule was announced for this year as well.

FlyDubai canceled all flights to Zagreb for October, November and almost the whole of December. It is currently possible to book the flight on this route from December 27th, 3 flights per week are scheduled through January, February and March, but the probability that those flights will be operating is very small.

Given that Emirates has completely canceled the Dubai - Zagreb route for next year, the question arises whether FlyDubai will operate on it. According to the available flight schedule it will not, but there is enough time left for this low-cost company to include Zagreb in its network of destinations for the summer flight schedule in 2021.

Zagreb Airport currently does not have a confirmed direct route with Dubai for 2021. The route has been operating regularly since 2014, it was launched by FlyDubai.

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