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FlyDubai canceled flights to Zagreb, possible return in April!

Although Emirates' partner company, FlyDubai, has scheduled regular flights to Zagreb from December this year, those flights will not materialize.

As we announced earlier, FlyDubai will not return to Zagreb Airport soon. The company previously scheduled flights for early October, but airlines then canceled all flights by mid-December. Although we published that the company will probably not operate on route between Dubai and Zagreb this year, this is now confirmed. FlyDubai has withdrawn from sale all flights on this route by the beginning of February 2021, and in fact it is only a question of day when those flights will also be canceled.

After Emirates completely gave up on Dubai - Zagreb route, by canceling all flights for 2021, it would be logical for FlyDubai to take over this route in the summer flight schedule 2021. According to the information we have, this should happen, starting from April, with four flights a week throughout summer. Of course, the realization will depend on passenger demand and the epidemiological situation, so predicting the exact date of route re-launch (especially number of weekly operations) at this time is completely ungrateful.

FlyDubai is a state-owned airline and works closely with Emirates, operating to lower-yield destinations.

FlyDubai will not be able to offer one very important item in relation to the partner Emirates, which with the B777-300ER aircraft offered to Zagreb Airport. Mentioned aircraft can carry almost 18 tons of cargo or approximately 125 cubic meters of cargo space, depending on the configuration and capacity of the passenger cabin.

Given the announcements that B737MAX aircraft will soon be re-licensed to operate regular commercial flights, it is to be expected that once FlyDubai returns to Zagreb on a route from Dubai, it will use this type of aircraft, which in terms of comfort and cabin design has significantly better characteristics compared to regular B737-800.

Additionally, after the latest news that Korean Air will not return to Zagreb, FlyDubai will have the opportunity to take a certain part of passengers from the South Korean market, which will certainly be important next summer season, both Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways will try to create dominance in our traditional, emitting markets.

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