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Emirates canceled Zagreb service for entire next year!

Emirates, a world-famous airline based in Dubai, has canceled the Dubai-Zagreb route for the entire 2021 year!


The company planned to operate on the Dubai-Zagreb route in this year's summer flight schedule, but due to the global pandemic, the start of operations on this route was first postponed, and then it was completely canceled for this year.

Emirates then left on sale daily flights on this route for the 2021 summer flight schedule, but that has now changed as well. The company canceled all flights to Zagreb for next year, closed its office at Zagreb Airport and fired its employees. The large B777-300ER aircraft that were in Zagreb every day will not return to the Croatian capital any time soon, which is certainly a financial blow to the airport, given the revenue it generated from the daily landing of this company's aircraft.

The arrival of this airline in Zagreb was a real success for the management of Zagreb Airport, but its complete withdrawal can certainly be considered as a failure. Emirates connected Zagreb with the rest of the world on a daily basis, offering excellent service to passengers on its flights on which it operated modernly equipped aircraft. The departure of this airline is a kind of step backwards for Zagreb Airport. Management had to do everything in their power to keep this company on schedule for 2021, but apparently they failed to do so.

In addition to the Dubai - Zagreb route, Emirates also canceled the following routes for the 2021.:

  • Dubai - Edinburgh,

  • Dubai - Porto,

  • Dubai - St. Petersburg.

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