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Edelweiss and Swiss - operational changes on routes to Croatia

Edelweiss Air and Swiss Air published its schedule for September. Despite new travel restrictions, Edelweiss will continue to operate regular flights to Croatia.

Photo: Edelweiss Air

The only Swiss Air route to Croatia, between Geneva and Dubrovnik, is suspended from the end of August this year. This route was in operation once per week, on Saturday's.

On routes from Zurich to Croatia, Edelweiss Air will continue to operate during September. Until middle of this month, there will be three routes; from Zurich to Dubrovnik, Split and Pula Airport.

The Zurich - Dubrovnik route is operating once per week, every Friday. This route will be in service until September 18th, when Edelweiss will operate its last flight on Zurich - Dubrovnik route for this summer season. Due to low demand, Dubrovnik service will be suspended earlier than it was originally planned.

The Zurich - Split route will operate during the whole September, two times per week, every Saturday and Sunday. From September 27th there will be one flight per week, on Saturday's.

The Zurich - Pula route will also continue to operate during the September, once per week, also on Saturday's. On all its routes to Croatia Edelweiss is using A320 aircraft.

Croatia Airlines is flying directly to Zurich from Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb. As we reported earlier, some departures are canceled. Specific dates can be found HERE.

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