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Edelweiss and Swiss - August schedule for Croatia

Swiss and Edelweiss will continue to operate regular flights to three airports in Croatia during the August this year, but with significantly less flights than during the summer season 2019.

We received an statement from both airlines regarding their planned operations from Switzerland to Croatia. Weekly frequency will stay the same as it was during the July this year and there will be no new destinations in Croatia.

Swiss currently have just one route to Croatia in this summer season, between Geneva and Dubrovnik. The airline will operate just one weekly flight to Dubrovnik, every Saturday, with the A220-300 aircraft which has a capacity of 160 passengers. The route is on sale until the end of August and probably will not operate during the September this year.

Edelweiss is operating regular passenger flights to Dubrovnik, Split and Pula, operations will continue during the August as well.

The airline is operating flights on the Zurich - Dubrovnik route once per week, every Friday, while the Zurich - Pula route is running also once per week, every Saturday. On both mentioned routes the airline is using A320 aircraft which has a capacity of 174 seats.

The only route to Croatia where Edelweiss is flying more than just once per week is the route between Zurich and Split. This route will operate 4 times per week during the August (every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday).

Swiss was operating regular flights between Zagreb and Zurich earlier, but the airline suspended this route before the outbreak of pandemic. Croatia Airlines is operating direct flights on this route and is the only choice for passengers who wants to travel directly between two mentioned cities.

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