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EasyJet to operate 11 international routes to Croatia during October

EasyJet, British low-cost airline, made some changes in its schedule for October this year. The airline will continue to operate flights on 11 international routes to and from Croatia with reduced number of weekly operations.


Flights to Zadar and Pula Airport

EasyJet will suspend last two routes to Pula Airport until the end of September, from Bristol and London Gatwick Airport, while the route from London Luton is suspended from Saturday, September 12th.

Same goes for Zadar Airport. Last EasyJet flight to this airport will be this Saturday, September 19th, from London Luton. EasyJet operated regular flights to Zadar and Pula until end of October in previous summer season, which is not the case this year.

Flights to Dubrovnik and Split Airport

Until end of September, the airline will suspend two routes to Split, from Belfast and Amsterdam. Following routes are scheduled to operate in October:

  • Split - Basel route (until 24.10.),

  • Split - Bristol route (until 24.10.),

  • Split - Geneva route (until 24.10.),

  • Split - Glasgow route (until 25.10.),

  • Split - London Gatwick route (until 31.10.),

  • Split - London Luton route (until 24.10.),

  • Split - Manchester route (until 27.10.).

Traffic on those routes will be reduced mostly to just 1 flight per week. In case of Dubrovnik Airport, EasyJet will suspend one route (Dubrovnik - Geneva), while the following will operate during the October this year:

  • Dubrovnik - Bristol route (until 28.10.),

  • Dubrovnik - Edinburgh route (until 24.10.),

  • Dubrovnik - London Gatwick route (until 31.10.),

  • Dubrovnik - Manchester route (until 24.10.).

The airline will also reduce the number of weekly flights to Dubrovnik, mentioned routes will have mostly 1 flight per week. Further cancellations remain possible, depending on the booking status.

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