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EasyJet is coming back to Dubrovnik, Pula and Zadar!

After our announcement about service resumption to Split Airport, the airline decided to launch 12 more routes to Dubrovnik, Zadar and Pula Airport from the end of this month!

EasyJet will come back to Dubrovnik, Zadar and Pula, but with reduced schedule, with less destinations and less weekly flights in comparison with the summer season 2019.

Routes to and from Dubrovnik Airport

  • Amsterdam - Dubrovnik, from July 23rd, twice per week (Thu and Sun), from July 28th four times per week (Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun),

  • Edinburgh - Dubrovnik, from July 21st, twice per week (Tue, Sat),

  • Manchester - Dubrovnik, from July 22nd, twice per week (Wed, Sat),

  • Naples - Dubrovnik, from July 20th, twice per week (Mon, Fri).

Service resumption to Pula Airport

  • Amsterdam - Pula, from July 22nd, twice per week (Wed and Sat),

  • London Luton - Pula, from July 25th once per week (Sat),

  • Basel - Pula, from July 25th, once per week (Sat),

  • Berlin - Pula, from July 25th, once per week (Sat).

Routes to and from Zadar Airport

  • Amsterdam - Zadar, from July 26th, twice per week (Tue, Sat),

  • Basel - Zadar, from July 25th, three times per week (Mon, Thu, Sat),

  • Berlin - Zadar, from July 25th, once per week (Sat),

  • London Luton - Zadar, from July 25th, twice per week (Wed, Sat).

EasyJet will resume 12 international routes to 3 airports in Croatia, excluding Split since the airline is flying to this airport from the beginning of July.

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