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During the April passenger numbers dropped in Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb Airport

Updated: May 27, 2020

Croatian airports recorded passenger numbers decrease in March, due to COVID-19 pandemic, but numbers for April are even worse since at the start of the march airlines were operating normal schedules to and from Croatia.

Osoblje ZL Split, photo: CROPIX

April is definitely a month where we can easily see the damage caused by this pandemic. Grounded aircrafts at the airports around Europe and the world and thousands of people who lost their job is just the small part of what is going on in the aviation industry. The changes which occurred in the last few months are huge. During Christmas time people could travel where they want, and, thanks to the airlines and airports around the world, the planet was never better connected! Just a few months after the holiday season the situation is completely opposite, it is almost impossible to book the flight and travel by plane. The summer timetable is fully active from April and Croatian airports are starting with high volume numbers of passengers, especially on the cost. But, not this April. Dubrovnik Airport recorded 210 803 passengers in April 2019., in April this year airport was closed for regular commercial flights. The numbers for May should be better, there are some chances that airlines will start flying to Dubrovnik during this month, Croatia Airlines will fly twice daily between Zagreb and Dubrovnik from May 11th. Split Airport was open during April, but without any commercial flight. In April 2019. this airport recorded 156 381 passengers, in April 2020. just 6 passengers! Zagreb Airport, the only airport in Croatia which has regular traffic (one daily rotation between Frankfurt and Zagreb by Croatia Airlines) recorded passengers decrease numbers as well. In April 2019. Zagreb handled 280 790 passengers, while in April 2020. Just X passengers. Together with Rijeka, Zagreb was the only airport with organized repatriation flights during April, so that is the only reason why the numbers a little bit higher in comparison with Split. Regular flight from and to Frankfurt couldn’t make a bigger difference since the flights were often empty, load factor was often bad, with less than 20 passengers per flight. During the May, airports in Croatia will also record losses (actually, during the whole 2020.), but there are chances that some routes could be operating again by the end of this month.

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