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Dubrovnik recorded 60 landings and takeoffs this Saturday (25.07.)!

Dubrovnik Airport recorded 57 operations (landings and takeoffs) of regular commercial jets. This is a big increase in comparison with the same day just 2 weeks ago.

photo: Zračna luka Dubrovnik d.o.o.

First flight which we recorded in this statistics is the domestic flights from Zagreb operated by Croatia Airlines which landed to Dubrovnik Airport 40 minutes later than scheduled due to the heavy storm in Zagreb.

During the morning hours few aircraft arrived to Dubrovnik: E190 from Brussels (TUI Belgium), B737-700 from Rotterdam (Transavia), two B737-800 from London and Birmingham (, A320 from Edinburgh (EasyJet), and one from Madrid (Iberia).

Afternoon Lufthansa, British Airways, Croatia Airlines, Austrian Airlines, LOT, Swiss and Norwegian operated regular flights to Dubrovnik Airport.

By the end of this day there will be more aircrafts arriving and departing from Dubrovnik: Air France from Paris, LuxAir from Luxembourg, LOT from Warsaw, Croatia Airlines from Zagreb and Rome, Brussels Airlines from Brussels, EasyJet from London and Manchester.

Map of destinations from Dubrovnik this Saturday, July 25th

Traffic at the airport will be good tomorrow as well (Sunday, July 26th). There are 24 confirmed landing and 22 takeoffs from Dubrovnik (11 less than today). There will be again a solid number of destinations, mostly from the UK and Germany, while dominant airlines will be Croatia Airlines, and EasyJet!

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