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Dubrovnik Airport this weekend had just 19 aircraft operations

Dubrovnik Airport handled 19 flight operations on 2nd weekend of October. Considering the current global situation, Dubrovnik Airport managed to retain their connections directly with the biggest European hubs and indirectly with the rest of the world by connection flights.

Photo: Grgo Jelavic/PIXSELL

Foreign airlines, such as Lufthansa, British Airways, AirFrance, Ryanair, Austrian Airlines, Vueling, operated in Dubrovnik this weekend. They connected Dubrovnik with European destinations such as London, Frankfurt, Paris, Warsaw, Vienna, Rome, Manchester, Munich and Dublin.

Domestic airline Croatia Airlines performed 6 operations this weekend from Dubrovnik Airport. Split and Zagreb were domestic destinations to which Croatia Airlines planes could fly, while from foreign destinations the domestic airline flew only to Frankfurt.

Map of destinations from Dubrovnik this weekend, photo:

As you can see for yourself, the number of total commercial aircraft operations is declining as the summer flight schedule nears its end.

For comparison, on the last weekend in August, Dubrovnik Airport performed a total of 190 aircraft operations, i.e. almost 10 times more than on the second weekend in October.

A drop in traffic and number of flights is common as the summer flight schedule nears its end. But this year, it all came earlier given the COVID-19 virus pandemic already mentioned so many times and its impact on both tourist and business travel.

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