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Dubrovnik Airport closed until May 2nd

Dubrovnik Airport has been closed for regular passenger flights since March 19th this year, ie. from the moment when it was confirmed that one employee of the airport was infected with a corona virus.


As a precaution, Dubrovnik Airport is closed for all traffic (except military and medical flights).The opening of the airport was scheduled for early April, then extended for middle of April, but today's news says that the airport will remain closed until May 2nd! The operation of the airport would allow to Croatia Airlines to fly between Dubrovnik and Zagreb, which is actually necessary at the moment, Dubrovnik is extremely far from Zagreb by road and road transport is not the best solution. Although it is clear that movement between municipalities and counties within the Republic of Croatia is currently prohibited, there are a number of people who must travel at this time and whose activities have not been stopped by this crisis. Unfortunately, by extending the closure of this airport, it is impossible to reintroduce the flights between these two cities. For comparison, Dubrovnik Airport had 210 803 passengers in April 2019., this year it will record zero!

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