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Croatia Airlines will not deploy A319 aircraft to Brac Airport

We received confirmation from Croatia Airlines that the airline will not use A319 aircraft on routes to Brac Airport in this summer season. The bigger aircraft was planned on charter flights from Graz and Linz, as well on regular flights from Zagreb.

The airline planned to increase the capacity on the mentioned routes, since the agency requested more capacity for the charter flights from Austria to Brac Airport. The agency, on the end, decided to keep the existing capacity (76 seats per flights with DashQ400 aircraft). Croatia Airlines planned to use A319 aircraft on the Zagreb - Brac route (aircraft repositioning) and than on charter flights to Austria, but that will not happen this year.

Croatia Airlines to operate charter flights from Brac Airport with A319 aircraft

National carrier did training flights in the airspace of Brac Airport on July 11th, in order to prepare everything for regular flights which were scheduled with A319 aircraft from the end of this month.

Those flights are not canceled, Croatia Airlines will continue to operate from Brac to Zagreb, Graz and Linz with DashQ400 aircraft, until the end of this summer season.

Also, german Sundair announced plan to start operating regular charter flights from Frankfurt to Brac during this summer season, but the plan is not valid anymore and there will be no direct flights on this route in this summer season.

Sundair scheduled than canceled flights on the Frankfurt - Brac route

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