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Croatia Airlines to resume flights from Dubrovnik and increasing operations from Zagreb and Split

Croatia Airlines published its schedule for first half of July, introducing new routes from Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Split on many international and some domestic routes.


Airline will increase number of international flights from Zagreb and add one more domestic route, from Zagreb to Brac island.

Flights from Zagreb

The Zagreb - Frankfurt route will operate with 32 weekly flights:

  • Mon and Sun 4 daily flights,

  • Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri 3 daily flights,

  • Sat 2 daily flights.

Flights from Zagreb to Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Munich and Sarajevo will operate daily, while flights to Zurich, Split and Dubrovnik will run double daily.

The Zagreb - Brussels route will operate 8 times per week:

  • Wed and Fri double daily,

  • Mon, Tue, Thu and Sun once per day.

Flights to Paris, London, Dublin and Vienna will operate three times per week, while aircrafts to Rome will depart from Zagreb 4 times per week.

Zagreb will be connected with Zadar and Pula 7 times per week (sunday double daily, saturday without flights).

From mentioned date airline will introduce direct flights between Zagreb and Brac. DashQ400 aircraft will operate on this route 2 times per week, every Tuesday and Saturday.

More flights from Split Airport

From July 6th airline will start flying between Split and Copenhagen, London, Vienna and Paris (once per week, every Saturday).

The Frankfurt - Split route will operate 5 times per week, while routes to Munich and Zurich will be in service 3 times per week.

The Split - Osijek route will start operating once per week, every Friday.

Start of operations from Dubrovnik

Airline will introduce direct international flights from Dubrovnik as well. Flights to Dusseldorf and Zurich will run once per week, every Saturday, while Dubrovnik - Frankfurt route will operate 4 times per week (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun).

Croatia Airlines will introduce flights on Dubrovnik - Osijek route, once per week, every Thursday.

Tickets are already on sale on the Croatia Airlines website.

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