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Croatia Airlines to reduce the number of weekly flights to Copenhagen, London and Dublin

Croatia Airlines will reduce the number of weekly flights from Zagreb to Copenhagen, London and Dublin, however, those direct flights will continue to operate during the next month.

Denmark and United Kingdom introduced one more time restrictive measures for all passengers which are coming to their countries from Croatia. Those decisions have a direct impact on direct flights, since the demand is dropping rapidly.

Flights from Zagreb to London

During the August two airlines flew directly between London and Zagreb - British Airways and Croatia Airlines. Both airlines operated flights to London Heathrow Airport. British Airways will cancel the London - Zagreb route from September 6th. Croatia Airlines will also reduce the number of weekly flights on this route.

Croatian national airline operated 3 flights per week on this route, but from September 7th there will be just one flight per week - every Monday. This is huge drop in comparison with August, from 10 direct weekly flights of BA and OU to just one flight per week operated by Croatia Airlines in September!

Croatia Airlines is currently offering other two weekly flights bookable on their website (Wed and Fri departures) from September 16th, but those flights are still possible to be canceled (depending on booking status).

The Zagreb - Dublin route

As we published two days ago, Aer Lingus will cancel Dublin - Split route in September. Ryanair will be the only airline which will continue to fly directly from Dublin to Split and Dubrovnik.

Croatia Airlines is planning to operate Zagreb - Dublin route three times per week (Tue, Thu, Sun) but in the period from September 10th until September 24th all Thursday flights are canceled. In the last week of September the airline is offering Thursday flights again, but those will also depend on booking status.

The Zagreb - Copenhagen route

Croatia Airlines restarted flights on Zagreb - Copenhagen route on June 1st, at that moment, this route was the third international route of Croatia Airlines, after re-opening the national borders. The airline flew daily on this route.

Croatia Airlines will continue to fly directly between two cities in September, but some flights are canceled as well. In the period from September 7th until September 13th there will be 6 flights per week (Canceled flight on Saturday, September 12th), while during the week from September 14th until September 20th there will be no flights on Wednesday and Friday (September 16th and 18th). Further reductions remain possible.

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