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Croatia Airlines offering 30% off all flights!

Croatia’s national carrier, Croatia Airlines, is offering discounts on all flights starting from today.

Photo: Croatia Airlines

In its press release yesterday, Croatia Airlines reminded the public that the first flight of the Croatian national carrier between Split and Zagreb was performed 30 years ago. All passengers on yesterday's flight from Zagreb to Split received two return tickets, but the company now offers a 30% discount on all purchased tickets starting from today.

The discount is realized by applying the promo code on the website or/and app, as well as via contact center or in branches.

Promo code: 30GODINA

The discount applies to airline tickets purchased between today, May 6th and Wednesday, May 12th for traveling in June and returning until the last day of this year. The discount can only be applied on Croatia Airlines flights.

As airlines cannot have impact on the amount of airport taxes and other fees, the discount is not calculated on it, only on the price of the air ticket (just fare itself).

The number of reservations to which you can apply the promo code is unlimited. For all those who want to buy a multy city ticket (for example, Zagreb - Frankfurt, Munich - Zagreb), it should be noted that the discount cannot be obtained on the website, but discounted ticket can be purchased through the contact center and in the company's branches.

Return tickets from Dublin to Zagreb (and vice versa), with a promo code are available at a price of 199 eur, for London 185 eur, Copenhagen of 170 eur, Paris of 152 eur, etc. You can check the prices with a promotional code HERE.

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