Croatia Airlines flying to China!

Croatian national airline by using A320 aircraft departed last night from Zagreb Airport to Tianjin Binhai Airport. This is first flight to China in Croatia Airlines history!

A320 aircraft departed today, July 17th, 1 hour and 9 minutes after midnight from Zagreb with 122 passengers to Nursultan Nazarbayev Airport in Kazakhstan. Aircraft will have technical stopover in Kazakhstan, since the distance between Zagreb and Tianjin is to large for this narrow-body aircraft to fly on this route without stopover.

Croatia Airlines aircraft landed to Kazakhstan after 5 hours flying, and continued to China after 1h and 10 minutes on the ground (crew change and refuelling). 9A-CTK should land in China at 12 o'clock local time.

Departure from China is scheduled for Saturday, July 18th, while arrival in Zagreb is expected at 2:30 PM local time.