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Croatia Airlines continue to operate to Frankfurt, Brussels, London and Amsterdam

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Croatia Airlines announced today they will keep flying to 4 European destinations: Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London and Brussels. Meanwhile, new dry-leased A319 (9A-CTN) arrived in Zagreb Intl. Airport.

Zagreb Airport probably never had less passengers than nowadays. There were 8 passenger flights departing from Zagreb today and all of them were with terrible loads.

Few examples:

OU456/BRU (DH4): 7 passengers,

OU450/AMS (A319) 18 passengers,

OU416/FRA (A319) 25 passengers,

QR216/DOH (A320) 17 passengers.

„The winner“ is OU's flight to LHR (A319) with just 4 passengers on-board. Arrival numbers were pretty bad as well.

On the last day of this month (March 31st) Croatia Airlines will fly twice to FRA and once to AMS. Only the flight to AMS will operate with Airbus aircraft. BRU flight is canceled and booking for those 3 flights is low.

On April 1st Croatia Airlines will fly twice to FRA, once to AMS and once to LHR. Only the flight to LHR will operate with Airbus aircraft. Qatar Airways will depart from ZAG to DOH with A320 aircraft. Flight to BRU is canceled for this date as well.

In total, 290 passengers passed through Zagreb Airport doors today (arrival and departure). In the gallery you can see how the check-in area looks like these days.

Other airports in Croatia were without passenger flights today.

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