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Croatia Airlines A319 will fly to Brac Airport

Croatia Airlines will deploy A319 aircraft on charter flights from Brac to its destinations in Austria.

From August 1st A319 aircraft will come from Split Airport to Brac Airport (empty) and than will fly on charter flights from Brac to Linz and Graz in Austria. Those routes will be operated with A319 aircraft until October this year.

Croatia Airlines is operating regular flights on the Zagreb - Brac - Zagreb route every Tuesday and Saturday with the DashQ400 aircraft. From August 29th on regular route from Zagreb A319 aircraft will be used. The aircraft will after the arrival from Zagreb operate on charter routes. A319 will be in use every Saturday, from August 29th until October 3rd, while DashQ400 aircraft will operate on this route every Tuesday.

This will be first A319 aircraft which will land to Brac Airport.

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