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Turkish Airlines on repatriation flight to Zagreb

Turkish national carrier, Turkish Airlines, which flies regularly to Zagreb and Dubrovnik, organise one repatriation flight this Tuesday, April 28th.

Photo: Fire2Hr/FB

B737-800 aircraft with the capacity of 165 passengers will depart from Istanbul to Zagreb with a stopover in Sarajevo. Return flight from Zagreb will depart to Ankara, the capital of Turkey, with a stopover in Sarajevo as well. We are bringing the timetable for this repatriation flight:

Turkish Airlines offers the possibility to Croatian citizens to return from Istanbul to Croatia, Croatian Aviation also got information that Slovenian citizens can use this flight as well. The return flight will depart from Zagreb to Ankara, also with a stopover in Sarajevo.

Ticket can be purchased at TK office in Zagreb Airport for 189 eur. There are no plans for additional repatriation flights to Zagreb.

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