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Condor will resume flights from Dusseldorf and Hanover

As we announced before, well-known german leisure airline was the first one which connected Split Airport with Frankfurt, back in May this year.

Condor ressumed flights on the Frankfurt - Split route on friday, May 29th, with 2 flights per week. Those flights will continue to operate in July as well with 2 weekly operations, every Friday and Sunday.

The company will, from tomorrow, June 28th, introduce two more routes to Split Airport.

The Hanover - Split route will be introduced, from June 28th, two times per week, every Friday and Sunday with A320 aircraft which has a capacity of 180 passengers..

The Dusseldorf - Split route will be introduces, from June 28th, two times per week, every Friday and Sunday, with the same aircraft type like on the Hanover - Split route. Tickets are already on sale for those three mentioned routes.

Currently there is no info regarding Condor's flights to Dubrovnik, Zadar and Rijeka, it looks like those flights will not resume during the July.

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