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(CHEAP FLIGHTS) Return tickets to Milan from 35 euros!

The Irish low-cost airline is currently offering favorable ticket prices on its new route from Zagreb to Milan.

From July this year, Ryanair will introduce the Milan - Zagreb - Milan route and currently offers very favorable prices for return tickets. Don't forget that the price includes online check-in (check-in for the flight at the airport is charged an additional 65 eur!) and only a piece of hand luggage that you can place under the seat in front of you is included. Each additional piece of luggage will be charged. We suggest here a few dates for a city break trip in July and August to this famous city in the Italian region of Lombardy.

Zagreb - Milan - Zagreb:

  • 03.07. - 06.07. from 35 eur,

  • 04.07. - 06.07. from 35 eur,

  • 13.07. - 18.07. from 35 eur,

  • 10.08. - 15.08. from 45 eur,

  • 19.08. - 26.08. from 45 eur,

  • 22.08. - 26.08. from 45 eur,

  • 28.08. - 31.08. from 45 eur.

Ryanair will operate to Bergamo Airport, approximately 55 kilometers from the center of Milan. There are several options to get to the city center. One of them is to use a bus to Bergamo train station from where the train takes you to the city center. Such trip takes more than an hour and costs almost 7 euros one way.

The bus option is the most convenient considering that Terravision operates on from the airport to city center (Piazza Luigi Savioa). One way tickets cost 5 euros, return 9. Travel by bus takes an hour.

You can buy tickets at the mentioned prices on the official Ryanair website.

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