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(CHEAP FLIGHTS) Return tickets to India from 385 eur!

Currently it is possible to buy cheap return tickets departing from Zagreb to India, more precisely - New Delhi.

It is often impossible to find cheap airline tickets from Zagreb with a normal connection, but we managed to get quite good price for return airline tickets departing from Zagreb Airport to New Delhi.

If you decide to visit this specific and interesting country, we believe you will be able to fit into your travel schedule in June this year. We bring you a few dates with good offers.

KLM and Air France are carriers on almost all offered flights, while the flight from Zagreb to Amsterdam and from Paris to Zagreb is operated by Croatia Airlines.

Travel dates and prices:

  • 01.06. - 20.06. from 415 eur,

  • 02.06. - 10.06. from 385 eur,

  • 07.06. - 15.06. from 400 eur,

  • 09.06. - 22.06. from 385 eur,

  • 10.06. - 22.06. from 385 eur,

  • 15.06. - 24.06. from 386 eur.

The number of available tickets for this price is limited so it will be sold our very quickly. You can purchase tickets HERE. Just chose New Delhi as your destination and one of mentioned travel dates in order to get the price.

If you decide to take this trip upon your return feel free to contact us, we want to hear your travel experience!

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