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(CHEAP FLIGHTS) Return ticket to Dublin for only 77 eur!

It is possible to buy cheap tickets for direct flight between Croatia and Dublin, mostly from Split Airport. Dublin is not just fameous by great beer, beautiful architecture and nature, it is also the city where many croatians moved in last few years.

Ryanair is offering return ticket on the Split - Dublin route: 13.10. - 20.10.

Also, it is possible to buy cheap one-way tickets from Split to Dublin: 07.08. by Aer Lingus for only 52 eur, while Ryanair is offering one-way ticket on 13.10. for 39 euros.

Return tickets can be found in opposite way, from Dublin to Split with Ryanair you can travel in October (06. - 13.10.) for 77 euros!

Other return tickets from Dublin are more expensive, but one-way tickets are cheap, for example:07.08. AerLingus is offering ticket for 52 euros, and Ryanair has a price for 22.09. for 39 euros. More cheap one-way tickets can be found on Ryanair's website during the October this year.

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