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Chair Airlines to introduce Zurich - Split route!

Swiss Chair Airlines has announced its network for the summer flight schedule next year. Among others, the Zurich - Split route will be introduced!

Photo: Chair Airlines / FB

It is an airline that has been operating under the name Chair Airlines since the summer 2019., formerly known as Germania Flug. The company has two A319 aircraft in its fleet that can carry up to 150 passengers.

The announcement of the introduction of the Zurich - Split route by Chair Airlines comes just a few days after we published the news that the German Condor will also operate on this route in the summer flight schedule next year.

Condor to introduce Zurich - Split route!

With this new Chair Airlines route, Split and Zurich will be connected with four airlines: Croatia Airlines, Edelweiss and Condor Airlines. The Chair Airlines route will be in operation from April 25th until October 24th, 2021, almost the entire summer flight schedule.

"Since Swiss mostly spent their summer vacation in Switzerland this year, we believe that popular summer destinations will have huge demand during the summer season 2021., that's why we decided to introduce Zurich - Split route"

The Chair Airlines route Zurich - Split - Zurich will be in operation twice a week, every Thursday and Sunday in the evening hours. The company has a total of 15,900 seats on sale between the two cities for the summer of 2021.

Flight schedule:

Tuesdays: Zurich 18:40 - 20:10 Split 20:55 - 22:30 Zurich

Sundays: Zurich 17:20 - 18:50 Split 19:35 - 21:10 Zurich

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