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Brussels Airlines suspended Zagreb and Zadar service

Brussels Airlines announced today that in the current summer flight schedule it will not fly to two destinations in Croatia - Zagreb and Zadar.

A319 aircraft from Brussels Airlines in Zagreb, photo: Fire2HR

The company decided to suspend all routes which are not profitable (in Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Greece,…), consequently, two routes to Croatia are suspended as well.

For now, Brussels Airlines still keep on sale routes between Brussels and Split, and from Brussels to Dubrovnik, while the routes to Zadar and Zagreb have been withdrawn from the booking system.

The route between Brussels and Zadar was introduced in May 2018. as a seasonal one, while the route between Brussels and Zagreb was introduced in 2015.

On the route between Zagreb and Brussels, there will still be an option for a direct flight, Croatia Airlines flies between this two cities twice per day.

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