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British tourists leaving Croatia; BA sending bigger aircraft today

In order to meet the high demand that arose after the decision to include Croatia on the "red list" of countries, British Airways will land in all three Croatian airports today with an A321NEO aircraft.

British Airways normally operates to Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik on smaller capacity aircraft, but today due to high demand from British tourists who want to return to their country before the new measures come into force (14-day self-isolation for all passengers coming from Croatia), regular flights to three mentioned airports will welcome a larger capacity aircraft - A321 NEO. This aircraft has a capacity of 235 passengers (for comparison, A319 and A320 aircraft with a capacity of 144 to 180 seats usually operate on those routes to Croatia).

In addition to British Airways, which will operate two flights from Split Airport today, three EasyJet aircraft (capacity 180 passengers) will take off for London, as well as WizzAir aircraft A321 (capacity of 230 passengers).

Dubrovnik Airport, in addition to the British Airways flight, will have another EasyJet flight to London and one to Bristol (on both flights the maximum capacity is 180 passengers).

Today, Croatia Airlines will operate a regular flight on the Zagreb - London Heathrow route, but instead of the A319, a larger capacity aircraft, the A320, will operate on the route today.

Given the number of seats offered, it is clear that this is not enough for all tourists from Croatia to return to the UK on time, before the introduction of restrictive measures. After all, certain routes have already been sold out, while prices on some flights have exceeded the average several times.

From Saturday, August 22nd, all passengers entering the UK from Croatia will be sentenced to 14 days of self-isolation.

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