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British Airways today operated last flight to Zagreb, yesterday to Pula Airport

British Airways made its last rotation today on the London Heathrow - Zagreb - London Heathrow route, yesterday BA operated its last flight to Pula Airport in this summer season.

Photo: Dražen Blažanin/Zračna luka Pula

As we announced on August 25th, British Airways has decided to cut off traffic on three of its four routes from London (Heathrow Airport) to Croatia.

The London Heathrow - Pula Airport route has been in operation since August 1st with two weekly flights (on Tuesdays and Saturdays). British Airways planned to keep this route active throughout September, but the reintroduction of restrictions by the UK for travellers coming to the UK from Croatia forced the airline to suspend traffic earlier than it was planned. The last flight was this Saturday, September 5th, after only a month of regular operations, with a nine-year-old A320 aircraft (reg. Marked G-EUYL). British Airways plans to return to Pula next spring.

The London Heathrow - Zagreb route operated 3 times a week in July and 5 times a week in August. The airline completely suspended sales on this route three weeks ago, and as of Monday, September 7th, there are no more BA direct flights on this route.

The airline is offering flights on the London - Zagreb route again from October 1st, with 11 weekly flights. The fact is that this is the flight schedule of British Airways planned before the outbreak of the global pandemic, and the company has not taken those flights into consideration yet. Operational changes (cancellations) for flights from October 1st can be expected in mid-September, and it is certain that the BA will not fly 11 times a week to Zagreb, there is simply no need for that. Since the airline decided to cancel all flights now in early September, it is very likely that there will be no flights in October and during the next few winter months. On today's last flight of British Airways from Zagreb Airport, there were 113 passengers (LF 70%).

Croatia Airlines also operates on the London - Zagreb route, which has been reduced in September as well. You can check the canceled departures for the first part of September HERE.

The London Heathrow - Split Airport route will remain in service until September 26th.

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