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British Airways to suspend flights from London to Zagreb, Split and Pula

British Airways did some changes in its schedule for September this year. According to the current schedule, three of four direct routes of British Airways to Croatia will be canceled during the next month.

British Airways is planning to suspend all flights on the London Heathrow - Zagreb route in September. Last flight is scheduled to operate on this route on Sunday, September 6th. All flights on this route after mentioned date are canceled. The airline is currently selling tickets for a direct flights on this route from October 1st, but the schedule for October is the same like before the outbreak of pandemic, which means that there were no changes done so far, probably will be by the middle of September, we can expect further cancelation.

The seasonal route between London Heathrow and Pula, which is operating twice per week, will stop operating on Saturday, September 5th and there are no more scheduled flights by the end of the year on this route.

The London Heathrow - Split route will continue to operate almost whole September, last flight is scheduled for Saturday, September 26th, which means that the route will be canceled earlier than it was planned before (originally was scheduled to operate in October as well).

The only British Airways route which is now scheduled to operate whole September is the route between London Heathrow and Dubrovnik Airport.

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