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British Airways and Croatia Airlines - operational changes on Zagreb - London route

British Airways will re-establish London Heathrow-Zagreb during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Croatia Airlines is also increasing the number of flights on this route!

This year, British Airways very often changed its schedule on London - Zagreb route, the route was suspended in September until the end of October, then operated for a very short time, only for two weeks. British Airways than again suspended traffic to Zagreb Airport.

By mid-November, the company had offered a significant number of direct flights between Zagreb and London starting from mid-December. The closer we get to those dates, the more significantly company reduces the number of departures on this route, just in time for Christmas and New Year holidays.

We have received confirmation from British Airways that this route will be in operation from December 20th until January 5th, the company will perform only 5 return flights on it, less than it was originally planned. The London Heathrow - Zagreb - London Heathrow route will operate on December 20th, 22th and 29th. Only two flights are available in January - on Sunday, January 3rd and Tuesday, January 5th.

Departures in both directions on all scheduled British Airways flights are selling quickly

The question remains why British Airways did not leave on sale more departures on this route just in time for the holidays when all flights are very well booked almost a month in advance. The company has time to open additional sales on certain departures, but so far it has done just the opposite - reducing the number of flights to Zagreb for the upcoming holidays

Croatia Airlines - more flights to London Heathrow

Croatia Airlines, which operates once a week (on Mondays) between Zagreb and London, is offering a second flight a week on this route from mid-December. This is a good move by the airline, which is obviously following what the competition is doing on route and opening sales just on time.

In the period from 14.12. until 10.01. there are 4302 seats available for booking on London - Zagreb route.

Croatia Airlines, in addition to flights on Mondays, has direct flights on sale on December 19th, 23rd and 30th. In January, flights are available on Saturdays, 02nd and 09th.

Everyone who wants to spend the holidays in Croatia will have a rather difficult task in organizing the trip, given that flights between London and Zagreb will be quite rare for this time of year. Apart from British Airways and Croatia Airlines, there is no doubt that a large number of passengers will travel with other companies, with stopover, for example, in Amsterdam and Warsaw.

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