Bayern Munich team stuck in Qatar Airways A350 at Berlin Airport

On the night of Friday to Saturday (February 5th to 6th, 2021), the Bayern Munich footballers spent the night on a Qatar Airways A350 aircraft at Berlin Airport.

Unexpected delay of Qatar Airways flight from Berlin to Doha. Bayern Munich footballers traveling to the FIFA Club World Cup in Doha has stuck at Berlin Airport due to midnight take-off limitations.

The A350 (A7-ANB), three years old aircraft, was ready to depart from Berlin's new airport bound for Doha, but a take-off permit was requested at midnight and 3 min, 3 minutes later than allowed, given that the new Berlin Airport has a take-off ban between midnight and five in the morning (local time) in order to protect the local population from noise. The only exception are "emergency and government" flights so flight number QR7402 could not get permission to take off.

“The request for take off clearance for flight QR7402 was made after midnight, at 0:03 a.m., to the responsible German air traffic control. As a result, with a view to the night flight restrictions at BER, German air traffic control did not give take off clearance” the ministry said.

Due to the take-off ban, the footballers were forced to stay on the A350-900 aircraft until the next morning.

The plane finally took off at 06:52 local time but not to Doha but towards Munich! The Qatar Airways cabin and flight crew's working hours expired (they had been on duty since the previous evening) and the plane had to land in Munich where the crew was replaced.

Bayern Munich’s players and staff landed in Doha 9 hours later than scheduled, whole team spent the entire trip in business class.