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Austrian Airlines reducing Zagreb service, increasing operations to Zadar!

Austrian national airline published its schedule for August this year. The airline will continue to operate regular flights to Croatia, however, there are some changes in the schedule in comparison with July.

The airline will fly to 4 airports in Croatia in August; Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar and Zagreb. The number of weekly flights to Dubrovnik and Split will be the same like in July, while there are changes on the Vienna - Zadar and Vienna - Zagreb route.

The Vienna - Dubrovnik route will continue to operate 6 times per week (every day except Tuesday), the airline will use aircraft from the A320 family on this route.

The Vienna - Split route will also continue to operate 6 times per week (also daily except Tuesday), with the same aircraft type like on the Vienna - Dubrovnik route.

The Austrian Airlines new route between Vienna and Zadar will have one more weekly flight in August, from the beginning of next month the airline will operate 4 weekly flights on this route (every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday), in July Austrian operates 3 weekly flights on this route.

The Vienna - Zagreb route will continue to operate 8 times per week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday in the morning, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday in the afternoon). Two daily flights are available every Thursday. This schedule will be active until August 15th.

From August 16th Austrian Airlines will reduce the number of weekly flights on this route, from 8 to 5 (every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday), flights are scheduled only during the afternoon hours. on this route the airline will use small aircrafts, DashQ400 and E195.

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