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August statistics for three busiest airports in Croatia

The busiest airports in Croatia; Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik published monthly statistics for August this year. In total, less than half a million passengers passed through these three airports.

There were 93,553 passengers at Zagreb Airport in August this year, which is less than 25% of last year's traffic in the same month (376,026).

Dubrovnik Airport also recorded a decrease in terms of handled passengers. This August, 119,838 passengers passed through the airport doors, while in August 2019. there were 524,615 passengers!

Split Airport is recording an excellent result in this turbulent times. This August, more than 40% of the traffic from August 2019. was realized - 273,842 passengers passed through Split! For comparison, in the same month in 2019. there were 672,262 passengers.

In total, the three busiest airports in Croatia in August handled 487,233 passengers. Just Dubrovnik Airport during the August last year had a higher traffic than all three mentioned airports in Croatia this August!

Zagreb Airport generated less than 719 thousand passengers from January 1st until August 31st this year, and given the numerous reductions of airlines that we are announcing, it will actually be very difficult to reach one million passengers this year (over 3.4 million passengers in 2019). Until September 1st, 554,091 passengers passed through Split Airport, and this year they will certainly not reach the number of one million passengers (in 2019., over 3.3 million passengers). Dubrovnik will not welcome the millionth passenger this year either. By the end of August, only 265,997 passengers had passed through this airport (almost 2.9 million in 2019).

Zagreb Airport only has a chance to welcome jubilee traveler this year, but the chances for that are quite slim.

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