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Announced cargo flights from China

As we announced a few days ago the cargo flight from Shanghai, we are now bringing to you the plan of SF Airlines for future flights to the Croatian capital..

Photo: Zagreb Airport/FB

Right now the regular passenger flights almost do not exist so cargo flights are dominant in Europe, consequently in Croatia as well. SF Airlines landed at Zagreb a few days ago with its biggest aircraft in the fleet, Boeing 747-400F, bringing medical equipment from China ordered from the government of Croatia. In the press release, the government also announced more flights with additional equipment in following days and weeks, so we are first bringing the schedule for those flights:

SF Airlines will continue to use the biggest aircraft in its fleet (same registration number like a few days ago) on the route between Zagreb and Shanghai, B747 will land to Zagreb 7 more times during this month. Flights are scheduled, but with cargo flights, we should always be careful since those are more flexible than passenger flights and changes in the itinerary and departure time are always possible. With regular DHL flight and cargo ATR72 which is flying BEG-ZAG-CGN route, Zagreb's cargo terminal will be busy in the following days which is not the case for passenger terminal, recording lowest numbers in the history of this airport..

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